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Work Dat Balance Baby

October 23, 2014

(Shown: Tyler Borchard and his daily stability practice)

Many young people take their balance for granted. It’s crazy that we don’t practice it more often considering balance (the ability to remain upright in an unsteady environment) is the base for any exercise program or sport. You have to master your stability at each stage before your progress to higher level workouts or you may end up with an injury.

Balance is the first thing to go as we age.  The consequences of losing our ability to stabilize as we get older are massive. How many of our grandparents or parents have fallen and hurt themselves? The injuries resulting from these falls can be brutal and effect your quality of life in a negative way forever. Balance is an important skill to maintain.

Start working on that balance now and never give it up!! You’ll be surprised to see improvements in your balance in a short time. In fact, a lot of people perform drastically better on only their second set of a stabilization drill.

There are countless ways to work on balance. Beginning with simply shifting your weight from one side to the the other and finishing somewhere around a backflip on a tight rope. I found a handsome gentleman in the gym to show you some skills to work on.. Here are a few practical balance exercises for you to try today!

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Laguna Beach Highlights

October 17, 2014

I recently went home to visit sunny Orange County for a long weekend.  I lived in Laguna Beach before moving to Tennessee so I already knew the good places to go. There are a million things I love to do in the area. I could go on for days recommending things to see from San Diego up to Los Angeles. On this last trip though, I think I hit all the CRITICAL spots in the Orange County/Laguna Beach area. I just feel obligated to tell you my top 6 stops from my most recent vaca… and I hope I inspire you to do these too!

1. Walk all of Laguna Beach!!

97_item_The Rooftop Lounge_large_1


Start at The Rooftop for breakfast (on Saturday and Sunday only). As you walk on the east side, make sure to stop into The Shop, Molly Browns Swimwear, The Hat Box, and Shelby’s for a toe ring (this one is on the west side)! Walk on the path all the way up past main beach to Diver’s Cove. It’s amazing!! On your way back, walk down Forest for some more shopping and cut over to Ocean and just go ahead and have a Composed Salad from Zinc. Done, Done, and Done.

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Dear Coffee, Are You Good Or Bad For Me?

October 7, 2014

(From Pinewood Social Back to Front: Cuban, Almond Milk Latte, Espresso, Macchiato, Cortado)

I grew up with a family that has a pot of coffee brewing every morning. The aroma is so wonderful.  It elicits a sense of go-getter right when the scent hits my nose!! A couple years back, I started trying to drink coffee less frequently. I made my decision based on the way my body was feeling. When I was drinking a couple cups of coffee every day I felt like I couldn’t productively start my day without it. I also felt myself start to tank around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and just wanting more coffee, soda, or whatever else had caffeine in it. I felt very dependent, like I wasn’t giving my body a chance to do it’s normal function.

I still drink coffee, but I drink it less frequently. I probably have about 4 coffee drinks a week, and my beverage of choice is an almond milk latte from Crema (at Pinewood Social obvi)

Drinking coffee less frequently makes me much more affected by the caffeine. So when I really need it, it comes in handy. Also, it is much more of a treat if I plan when I drink my coffee and make it a special occasion.

Whether or not coffee is beneficial to your health has been a large debate in the health community. Its gone from neutral, to bad for you, to good for you, to neutral, and around the circle again and again. So, I did a little leg work and want to share my knowledge with you:

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