GET Out Of Your Flow!

May 20, 2014

I love the feeling of sweating it out in my spin classes week to week. It is NEVER easy but it is mindless and it is where I feel comfortable. I have to remind myself to work in other forms of exercise each week.Since the first try, I have loved TRX classes to really push my body. The suspension training is challenging and I love the emphasis on upper body and core to offset the cycling and leg workouts. I’ve seen changes in my body that I never thought possible.

I think it is a great to always have a yin and a yang in life, and in your workouts. Switching up your workout routine to create a little muscle confusion is the best way to stay fit. You have to keep your body guessing. When you do something different, you create a stimulus and that challenge creates a change in the body. When your body adjusts to a specific workout, you will stop seeing changes!  Ever heard of a plateau?

If you are a football player, mix in some Vinyasa Yoga. If it is Pure Barre you are addicted to, go to Crossfit a few times a month. Swimmers- try boxing ,  Zumba kids-try boot camp,  Bodybuilders- sneak in a long run! Chances are, that new workout will also help your performance in your go-to workout.

Get out of your element and try something new! Every person in every class was a beginner at one point so do not be intimidated.  Jab, sprint, suspend, clean, plier, and happy baby away!

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