5 steps for picking out a healthy morning or afternoon snack bar!

May 20, 2014
  1.   Look at the ingredients: The main ingredients should be ones you could pick from a tree or find in nature. Whole raw fruits and nuts are best! If you are unfamiliar with many of the ingredients just go ahead and move on.
  1. Do NOT worry about the fat content for now, if all of the other rules are followed, there will be a good amount of healthy fat in your bar already
  2. Look for the protein vs. sugar content. For a snack bar, I aim for over 5 grams of protein and under 15 grams of sugar.
  3. Shoot for products that are ORGANIC, RAW, NON GMO. The word “natural” is used loosely and misguidedly so make sure you are looking for the other key words.

  1. Keep in mind that these types of bars are great for a quick grab and go snack, but always try to have whole, well-rounded meals.

Here are some that I enjoy:

Kind Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt
Sugars: 5g     Protein: 6g

Raw Revolution Chocolate Coconut Bliss
Sugars: 15g     Protein: 7g


Zing Almond Blueberry
Sugars: 11g     Protein: 11g


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