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How To Survive A Weekend In Vegas

June 4, 2014

How To Survive A Weekend In Vegas:

1. If you are getting in to Vegas early, eat a healthy, light meal once you arrive and work in a work out. I know it sounds crazy but you’ll be way better off. Drinking on the plane is overrated. It’s just drinking to drink because you can. Save it for an adventure or your planned activity. If you workout while you are there, you’ll look hotter in your swimwear and more toned for the evening anyways. Tell your body you love it by treating it right and preparing for the fun to come.

2. Workout while your clubbing! Keep your feet moving, don’t sit down, and bring your dumbbells (pictured.. JK). But really, nothing makes my legs more sore than a weekend dancing in my heels with bad-A DJ’s. DANCE DANCE DANCE!

IMG_0207 IMG_0209

3. NAPTIME: If you are partying during the day and want to survive the night, you must nap. The “power through” mentality NEVER works. The people in my group who try to do that always end up with eyes in the back of their head at 12:00am. YIKES!

4. GINSENG:  A wise, Vegas veteran told me about this one: Take about 1000mg to 3000mg of ginseng before or during the party.  Ginseng helps the liver in its job to neutralize the toxic agents in alcohol (supposedly). If you take ginseng, you will be able to support the effect of alcohol better and your mind will be more focused without having to resort to a cup of coffee or a red bull (proven).

5. VOD-WODs with lemon all the way. Vodka waters have minimal sugar=minimal hangovers. The lemon works to balance your PH levels. Try not to stray from these bad boys…


6. DON’T OVER DRINK: Nobody likes the sloppy kid. If you want to last the weekend, be cool! No need for shots ever!! If you drink your Vod-Wods slow and consistently you will get a nice buzz with out looking ridiculous or embarrassing. You will last and feel better in the morning.

7. The last hour of your night, drink Water ONLY.  Keep an eye on the time. When you feel like you have an hour left in you, put down your cocktail and turn to water. It’s hydration time. That last cocktail you were thinking about won’t help anything anyways.


Comfortable shoes: Bring shoes you KNOW you can last in. Never bring brand new shoes. You will have them off and be that lame chick walking with her heels in her hand and barefoot on the nasty floors of Vegas. ***** If you really want to wear new shoes, bring those fold-up skinny flats in your purse to put on later… that’s not as sloppy looking as the barefoot option.


Good Moisturizer: I love Jo Malone (duh) but I found another that I <3 that is $15 less per jar. Laura Mercier almond coconut milk soufflé body creme is amazing! You’ll feel and smell delightful your whole weekend with this:

Travel Pillow: Even if you take all of my advice above, you are bound to be tired when you leave Vegas. Invest in an awesome travel pillow for the trip back!!! Sleep on the plane and recover.


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    This is awesomeness!!! Perfect little guide to a perfect Vegas trip!

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